Brand Identity for a Insurance Consultant
My client is a Insurance Market veteran looking to grow his consultancy business. He wanted a new brand identity to reflect this new direction.

He had previously used his own name when working with clients but he wanted to operate under a business name to seem more professional and appeal to a larger market.

He had some interesting ideas about the name of the new company and a bit of background behind his thinking.

While walking his dog he had a realisation, the Insurance market in 2019 is not so different to Rome in 455.

In 455 a group called the Vandals attacked Rome, the disruption this caused turned out to be positive because Rome was corrupt.

My client believed the Insurance Market was in a similar position, and he could be the catalyst for its positive disruption. He wanted to be a 'Vandal'.
My role
Brand Identity Designer
Guy Cornet
April 2019
Brand Identity, Business cards, Website
I wanted to get a better understanding of the history of th Vandals and the Sack of Rome, so I could really tap into my clients thinking and deliver something that he would resonate with.

I also wanted to find imagery to see if there were any visual elements I could take inspiration from for when I start developing the brand.

The images I found were very powerful and impactful. I liked the renaissance style paintings.

Roman architecture, statues and pillars are very distinctive, I felt that these elements could be an iconic part of the identity.
Sketching and Moodboards
Now I had some conceptual and visual inspiration I began sketching out some ways I could reflect this in a logo or wordmark.
Design Development
I decided I would develop 2 routes for my client; one option more classical and elegant, inspired by ancient Rome, and the other option more bold and modern but still reflecting the original brief of positive disruption.
Route 1
I started by taking some of the ancient roman visuals I had found in my research, and trying to distill these into simple illustrations.

I like this idea but I felt that maybe I was taking it too literally and I decided I wanted to find a more conceptual way to reflect the brief.
Route 2
With this second route I wanted to indicate the idea of disruption without taking direct inspiration from ancient Rome like in Route 1. I made this route more bold and modern but still using the same underlying concept.

My initial inspiration for this second route was chemical reaction. 'Vandal' and his clients would come together and positive disruption would occur.

After exploring this route I felt it might be too safe, I wanted something bolder. My CD suggested incorporating animals into the visuals to make them more interesting and exciting. These looked really cool, but they weren't in the right fit for the client.

Then I went back to the beginning and started playing around with basic shapes. That's when I came across the last iteration of this route.

I could use a rectangle going into a circle to represent my client breaking into new markets, the overlap of the shapes would represent the positive disruption that is created when you work with Vandal.
Final Outcome & Conclusion
We presented both routes to my client in order to see which one he preferred. He liked both but was more in favor of the classical route and felt it better reflected his business.

Dylan Loveday-Powell

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