Risk Management Partners
25 Year Anniversary Gift
RMPĀ is an Insurance company based in London. In 2019 they celebrated 25 years and they needed a gift to give to their employees.

We came up with the idea of a Vinyl LP containing all the employees favourite songs from 1994.
My role
Graphic Designer
Free Partners
August 2019
Album cover design
I was thinking about different concepts for the cover when IĀ remembered the 'Now' series. It was perfect because it's easily identifiable and has a strong visual style.

I began thinking about how I could replicate this and what tools I would need to do this. After doing some research I found that Cinema4D was perfect.
Final Outcome
I exported an image from the Cinema4D project and dropped it into Photoshop to boost the colours and add some details like the lens flares.

I took this from Photoshop and dropped it into Illustrator to add the text on top and design the back cover.

Dylan Loveday-Powell

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