LDX Digital
Brand Identity and Website for a Marketing Agency
My client is the Founder and CEO of a London based Marketing Agency.

Previously known as 'Aviena Media', the agency has a presence in London and Dubai. The name reflects this, 'L' for London and 'DX' from DXB airport.

I came on board to design a new brand identity and website using the new name.

Adrian wanted a clean, modern and trustworthy look for the new brand. He wanted to stand out from the competition.
My role
Brand Identity & Website Designer
Adrian Aidid
April 2019 - Present
Brand Identity, Business cards, Website
I wanted to get a clearer understanding of what my client wanted. I put together two routes each with one website moodboard and one brand moodboard.

I presented these two routes to my client to see which option he thought was a better a fit for the business, and in turn which option I would develop.
My client felt that the second route was a better fit for his business. He liked the luxury, premium feel.

I started sketching to see how I could build on from what I had in the moodboards.
Design Development
I really liked this 'X' mark I found while I was sketching.
I wanted the website to match the same minimal style of brand.
Final Outcome & Conclusion
My client liked the route I presented.

Dylan Loveday-Powell

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